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The Second Best Place for Civil Engineers is...

In case you didn't guess it, it's our very own Los Angeles! Check out Laurie A Shuster's article on ASCE's news and information hub, Civil Engineering Source for the full article. The article even features our own MLAB President, Ruwanka Purasinghe!

ASCE's "Best Places for Civil Engineers" Index is based on the previous year's salary index, derived from ASCE's annual Salary Survey, a Civil Engineering Job Index based on job availability, and cost of living. Los Angeles is only second to Houston in this composite index. In particular, Los Angeles currently has the most civil engineering jobs available to the market. While the Los Angeles area has high pay available, it is offset by a higher cost of living. Los Angeles' 2021 score in the index decreased by 4.4% from 2020, from 247.3 to 236.5; the pandemic may have some influence on this reduction. Check out the article to find what's driving Los Angeles to the top of the index

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