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CMAA's LACMTA LA Construction Market Analysis

On November 3, 2021, Ben Baker, ASCE MLAB Treasurer, attended CMAA's virtual LACMTA LA Construction Market Analysis event. Roughly 47 people attended and ASCE added to the discussion by asking about the status of Metro's Sepulveda Corridor project. Julie Owen, a senior executive officer of Metro, provided interesting information during the presentation. Judy Johnson from Jacobs also spoke as a presenter. It was noted that Los Angeles has the second most cranes in North America (roughly second to Toronto). Metro has done surveys to gather feedback from contractors about how to be the owner of choice. Metro's peak yearly construction expenditure is anticipated in 2026 at nearly $5 billion for that year, roughly coinciding with a projected labor shortage. CMAA advertised a Western Winter Workshop to be held starting on March 3, 2022, bringing together industry professionals with the common goal of driving successful project delivery.

Story By: Ben Baker

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