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COVID-19 Volunteering opportunities

by Christopher Sheppard, MLAB President

Here are some things you can do - so long as you are healthy, not a member of a vulnerable population, and are meeting all advised public health requirements:

  • Donate to food banks and volunteer to ensure our most vulnerable populations are still able to provide for their families. Much needed items include canned goods, peanut butter, toilet paper, antibacterial cleansers, and financial contributions.

  • Volunteer with the American Red Cross to help distribute meals to students affected by school closures or as a volunteer blood donor to address the current blood shortage. 

  • Do neighbor check-ins. Offer to pick up groceries or medications for those who aren't able to and stay connected by calling your neighbors, friends, and loved ones who might appreciate human connection despite social distancing. 

  • Consider virtual volunteer opportunities with organizations like L.A. Works

  • Check-in with your local homebound meal delivery programs. Many of them are scaling up to support the increased need and are looking for volunteers. Find a location near you and call to ask if they need assistance.

  • Contribute to the L.A. Emergency COVID-19 Crisis Fund to support the City of L.A.'s efforts to support families, health care workers, small businesses, our unhoused neighbors, and more.

Visit Los Angeles County's "how you can help" section of their COVID-19 website for more ideas.

Above all, stay safe and take care of your family and neighbors, as a community we will get through this together! 

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