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MLAB Scholarship Winners

The Metropolitan Los Angeles Branch was happy to award four $1,000 scholarships, based on the essay prompt, “ASCE believes in making each member a well-rounded engineer and lifelong learner. How has ASCE shaped your academic experience?”

Our four recipients for 2021 are:

Yuen Lenh, UCLA

Christopher Patron, CSUN

Allison Lee, UCLA

Jacqueline Lim, UCLA

Our scholarship winners received their awards at the annual LA YMF Student Night and Job Fair on February 5. Thank you to SNJF Chairs Gene Kum, Andrea Mosqueda, and Cathleen Ma for hosting an amazing virtual event!


Yuen Lenh is a 4th year student at UCLA, and is currently the president for ASCE at UCLA.

Being surrounded by the community of people within ASCE who are dedicated to making the world a better place constantly inspires and motivates me to become a better engineer.

Yuen found friendships within ASCE at UCLA for like-minded people. The Environmental Design team gave her technical skill opportunities to supplement her classroom learning. She has continued to lead the chapter amidst the challenges posed by the pandemic.


Christopher Patron is a senior at CSUN, interns at LC Engineering Group, Inc., and is currently the vice president for CSUN ASCE.

The skills that ASCE instilled in me have allowed me to grow within the profession and become a more well-rounded student engineer.

As a first-generation college student, Christopher saw the importance of being a mentor to his younger siblings. CSUN ASCE provided him opportunities as the steel bridge project manager and vice president, giving him the confidence to join the LC team as an intern. Christopher plans to go to graduate school and work towards becoming a licensed Structural Engineer.


Allison Lee is a 4th year student at UCLA, interns at CDM Smith, and is currently the co-project manager for the ASCE at UCLA Environmental Design project.

ASCE [has] connected me with a network of engaged students who [share] my enthusiasm for water innovation and water projects.

Allison took advantage of the opportunities ASCE had to offer to expand her technical and leadership skills, such as laboratory research and project management. She also saw the opportunity for giving and receiving mentorship.


Jacqueline Lim is a 2nd year student at UCLA, and is currently the secretary for ASCE at UCLA.

ASCE has led me to become a better student and person because of the diverse opportunities to further enhance my soft and technical skills.

Through the Navajo EWB project, Jacqueline began to foster her networking skills, and ultimately switch her major to civil engineering. From there, she expanded her involvement to include leading Career Fair coordination, Construction Management Mixed-Use, and Seismic Outreach.


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